Landscape and Line 2010-2023

Shapespace installation view with "You are the Lake of my Seeing" Moberg Gallery February 2022
Installation view of the exhibition: Shapespace at Moberg Gallery February 2022

The Landscape and Line drawings are based on similar constraints as Mondrian’s pier and ocean paintings: vertical and horizontal lines only, some smaller, some larger, and either close together or far apart. The fullness of space Mondrian created with those choice lines is remarkable; they breathe outward and inward, bowing the picture plane. That simultaneous acknowledgment of line on the surface and as descriptor of deep space continues to influence the way I think about mark-making. In my drawing the horizon is made up of dashed lines, which refers to the process of its own making and provides a rhythmic, syncopated, provisional space. The horizon is a place where two things meet, not only land and sky or water and sky, but also day meeting night in the form of a sunset. You ride off into it—the end of one thing and the beginning of another—an uncertain future. While we might think of the sunset as a comforting trope, I want to show the hovering, unstable moment produced at this juncture of past and present, the eternal return and cyclical insistence of daily life. The most recent drawings experiment with an internal, mirrored repetition that sometimes extends through a scroll-like composition or doubling and stacking.